The history of tights

Nylon was invented in 1938 by the firm Du Pont de Nemours. Nylon is a plastic material used as a fibre. It is one of the main components of  tights.

Nylon stockings for women first appeared in 1940, but the beginning of the Second World War blocked its development, the manufacturing sites being requisitioned. Women therefore coloured their legs with tea in order to give an illusion of covered legs, they sometimes drew a seam with a pen.

After the war, nylon stockings reappear. Women like fancy stockings, so the choice grows: seamless stockings, stockings with a pattern, or stockings of varied thickness: stockings become essential accessories of fashion.

In France, women wear the Mitoufle tights, by Gérard Fortier, they are stockings attached to a pair of stretchy knickers. It is an evolution from garter stockings , much more practical but much less attractive.

In 1959, Allan Gant, in the United States, commercializes the first tights for women, tights previously intended for ballet dancers. From then on, they are manufactured by the Glen Raven Company in the United States.

Mary Quant’s short skirt appears in England in the sixties, women’s legs have never been so visible, tights have a space in women’s chests of drawers and  little by little take the place of  stockings. Tights are now an integral part of fashion accessories.

In 1968, the firm DIM launches the “tels quels” tights.

Our shop offers you the Pamela Mann tights. This brand of tights has existed since the fifties. This English firm is one of the forerunners in the field. Specialised in the manufacture of tights, Pamela Mann meets “ Mary Quant” in the sixties. The mini skirt invades the market, and Pamela Mann then expands under the licence “ Mary Quant”. Tights become imperative under mini skirts.

Pamela Mann has known how to adapt to her time.

Designers are at the disposal of women to innovate and amaze us a little bit more with each new collection. The number of patterns and styles that the brand offers is incredible. Everyone can recognise themselves in the collection and each season, the range of colours evolves according to the fashion.

Engineers develop new fabrics as time goes by, they combine fashion and technology and the effects are impressive.

Women, men and children wear tights: during the day or in the evening, to make themselves look more beautiful, to get warm, to do a sport or to dress up: there always is a style of tights to match an event.

Following the fashion and listening to one’s heart, according to one’s style and fancies, and why not a life full of “Fantaisy”


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